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Members enjoy exclusive benefits and access. Choose the membership level that’s right for you.

Skincare Maintenance Membership

Choose two treatments per month. Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, RF Facial, Buccal Facial, Relaxing Buttical, Luxury Back Treatment or Skin Renewing Sugar Glow with a Lash Tint. Priority scheduling and 15 percent off Skincare retail.

$145.00 monthly – Give us a call for membership signup 615-863-3620

BodySculpting Maintenance Membership

Choose two treatments per month. Laser Lipo, Cavitation, RF Skin Tightening, Wood Therapy, Cupping, Sauna Blanket or VBL. Priority scheduling and 15 percent off body sculpting retail. Monthly perks

$170.00 monthly – Give us a call for membership signup 615-863-3620

You Plus One Membership

Your monthly membership includes: Two treatments/services of any skin and/or body treatment/service per member.

Priority scheduling and 15 percent off Skincare/Body Sculpting retail. Monthly perks, Exclusive offers on new products and services. You will also be enrolled in the loyalty program for more free and discounted items.

$250.00 monthly – Give us a call for membership signup 615-863-3620

Membership FAQ’s

How do I know which membership is right for me? We are more than happy to help you choose the correct monthly membership, based on your skin/body health goals, please schedule a consultation to start.

What is the referral program? If you refer 3 people to TheSculptingArt Day Spa and they mention your name, you will receive 50% off a treatment, as a Thank You.

Can I use afterpay for my membership? Afterpay is not available for memberships at this time

Can I put my membership on hold? Yes, you can put your membership on hold after 6 month commitment for up to 60 days. We do require a 30 day notice by emailing to cancel memberships.

When do I get billed? You will get billed on the same date every month that you signed up on. For example if you signed up on the 15th of the month, you will be charged the following month automatically on the 15th.

Can I use my 15% off products online? Yes, please email for your exclusive code! (members only)

What if I can’t use my treatment/s during the month? Membership treatments do not roll over into the next month and are non transferable.

Can I transfer the treatment to my friend or family member? Membership treatments are non-transferable.

Can I trade treatment value for product if I can’t make my appointment? No you cannot.

I need to update my credit card, how do I update it? Call the spa at 615-863-3620

Can I do more than one treatment in a month? Please review each membership for details. If you have questions call the spa at 615-863-3620

Can I pay cash for my monthly membership? Only credit card payment is available for memberships as this is a recurring monthly charge.

Do I need to be committed for a certain amount of time? Yes, 6 months

How do I cancel my membership? For membership cancellations please email our team at we require a 30 day notice for membership cancellations.

Section 47-18-502 – Cancellation of membership

(a) Any person who has elected to become a member of a club may cancel such membership by giving written notice any time before twelve o’clock (12:00) midnight of the third business day following the date on which membership was attained, subject to Β§ 47-18-503. Such cancellation shall be without liability on the part of the member and shall entitle the member to a refund of the entire consideration paid for the contract.
(b) Notice of cancellation must be in writing and delivered personally or by mail. If given by mail, the notice is effective upon deposit in a mailbox, properly addressed and postage paid. Notice of cancellation need not take a particular form and is sufficient if it indicates, by any form of written expression, the intention of the member not to be bound by the contract. If delivered personally, the notice is to be accepted by any agent or employee of the club, and a receipt for the notice must be given by that agent or employee to the person cancelling.
(c) The entitled refund shall be delivered to the member within fourteen (14) days after notice of cancellation is given.
(d) Rights of cancellation may not be waived or otherwise surrendered.
(e) Cancellation shall not relieve the member from paying for any merchandise or services purchased or ordered prior to the date of cancellation.