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360 Rotating Ice Globes

Category: Skin Care

Premium 360 Rotating ice globes. Professional Esthetician Supplies – Ice Roller for Face and Eyes – Ideal Skincare Tool for Facials. Home use.

360 ROTATING HEADS – Unlike others, our new and improved design provides an ultra smooth rotating glass head which glides gently across your skin. Don’t risk damaging your skin with alternatives which drag and break your skin, treat yourself to the best on the market.

REDUCE PUFFY EYES TODAY – These ice globes are the ideal addition to your skincare routine to tackle puffy eyes. Use it for depuffing and tightening the skin around your eyes, face and neck. Make it a part of your high energy morning routine to look and feel alive!

TIGHTEN SKIN AND REDUCE DARK CIRCLES – Use these glass ice globes to improve circulation in the skin, which as a result tightens the look of skin, shrinks pores and reduces the look of dark circles and wrinkles. This ice roller for your face and body is an ideal addition to your routine for young, fresh looking skin.

TACKLE PAIN AND INFLAMMATION – Reduce muscle aches and pains all over your body by using these ice globes either warm or cold. Massage your tired and sore muscles for instant relief and quickened recovery. These ice globes are perfectly suitable for both your body and as a face massager roller. Each head is filled with long lasting gel to provide you with the longest temperature retention time on the market

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